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    Do Anti-Acne Facials Really Help?

    Why get an acne/deep cleansing facial? Anti-acne facials are recommended for teenagers, women and men with oily or acneic skin, or uneven complexions. For ideal results, a series of cleansing facials and a daily skin-care regimen is recommended. These treatments will also assist in preventing future breakouts.

    What We Do at the Hair Connection:

    First visit / 1 hour facial: Our aesthetician will analyze your skin condition and tailor an individual skin-care program for you. Your skin will be cleansed and recommendations will be shared for anti-acne products to use at home between visits. (Be sure to let the therapist know if you are currently using any acne medications.)

    Second visit / two weeks later: She will review how well your skin is healing and if more visits are necessary. Extractions may be required to ensure clear skin between facials. The extraction service typically takes 10-15 minutes.

    Third visit / 3-4 weeks later: The third visit is only if required, and would be one hour or less in length. By this time, many clients see substantial results. If your acne is not entirely gone, we’re confident your skin’s condition will be significantly better and you’ll notice a healthy glow.

    Anti-Acne Products for At-Home Use: Our Orgami skin care line has proven to be effective and will give you noticeably healthier skin in only a few weeks. The Orgami line is all-organic and includes individual products for different skin types.

    Anti-acne product options include:

    • - Active cleansing gel
      - Glycolic mud cleanser
      - Blemish control astringent
      - Blemish control gel (used to spot treat/prevent new breakouts)
      - Vitamin B cream (for moisturizing; gives skin a natural glow)

    To schedule your anti-acne facial, call 920-722-2341 and review our Orgami skin care collection.
    Please note – If for any reason, a breakout is too severe, we will recommend visiting a local dermatologist.

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    Shellac or Gel?

    The environment, water, chemicals and cold weather can be harsh on your nails. When you think it’s time to get into the salon to get pampered there is one question – should you ask for shellac or gel. Shellac (a product and specific brand name created by CND) is a gel-like polish, which cures under a UVA light. Shellac lets your natural nail breathe and have room for moisture, so at the end of your 2 weeks the Shellac being removed won’t harm your natural nail. Within the first 2 weeks of having Shellac on your nails, they will grow about 2cm. (This is just as long as your nails would have been with artificial nails.)

    Gel nails, on the other hand, can include acrylic, artificial or gel nails. These are all harsh for your nails and can ruin your natural nail when it comes time to remove them. When getting gel nails, you will gain immediate length, but we must file your natural nail to make sure the acrylic will hold properly. This means we must file a layer off of your nature nail. Gel nails will not allow your natural nail to breathe, and having the acrylic on your nails can sometimes lead to an infection under the acrylic.

    Most nail salons will nip and cut away any excess skin when doing acrylics including your cuticle. Your cuticle is there to protect your nails from infection. You are then more susceptible to bacteria. When your cuticle grows back it will become thicker and fuller to try and protect the nail, which can then form a callus.

    And there is a difference in who does your manicure. You don’t want to feel unwelcome or that someone is talking about you when you are getting your nails done. You are in control of your service. We all take a lot of time watching what we eat, being healthy and making sure we get enough steps or exercise in the day. Why not do the same for your nails?

    For your next manicure, call 920-722-2341 to schedule an appointment at the Hair Connection.